Beat the Denver Heatwave and Breathe Easy: Natural Cooling Hacks for Your Home (& You!)

Beat the Denver Heatwave and Breathe Easy: Natural Cooling Hacks for Your Home (& You!)

Author's Note: My commute to the office is 3x a week. Last thing I want in the summer is to come home to a toasty apartment. By sharing this piece I'm manifesting these tips as my decompressing-at-home habits. Please let us know if you have such helpful tips & we'll share them on our FB Community page. Thanks, all! :) - Abhi

Feeling like you're living inside a giant hair dryer these days? With record-breaking temperatures on the way ( - These are the hottest temperatures recorded in Colorado), cranking the AC all summer is about as appealing as wearing a winter coat in July. But before you resign yourself to a summer of sky-high energy bills and feeling like a melted popsicle, let's talk cool hacks!


Here at The IV Den, we're all about staying cool and hydrated, obviously.. because of the IV hydration part.. nevermind. Think of your body like a car engine – it runs best when it's properly hydrated. So, while these hacks will help keep your home feeling like a refreshing oasis, sometimes you just need a little extra TLC. That's where our IV Services come in! You're one free consultation call away from a hydrated summer.  


Natural Cooling Hacks for Your Home (because who wants a sky-high electric bill?)

Embrace the Shade: We all love basking in the sunshine, but during the peak heat, it's your enemy. Block those scorching west-facing windows with curtains, blinds, or awnings. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes!

Nighttime Ventilation: Think of your home as a giant, cozy refrigerator. As the sun sets, crack open those windows and let in that cool night air. In the morning, seal them shut to trap the coolness inside.

Fan Savvy: Ceiling fans are your friend, but are you using them right? Set them spinning counter-clockwise to create a cool breeze. Feeling extra strategic? Place box fans near open windows for some serious air circulation – think wind tunnel for your living room!

Hydration Magic: Here's a nifty trick: strategically place bowls of ice water around your home. As the ice evaporates, it'll cool the air – like a mini, natural AC unit!

Kitchen Magic: Grilling season is here for a reason! Opt for no-cook meals or fire up the grill to avoid turning your kitchen into a sauna. Trust us, your thermostat (and your sweat glands) will thank you.

Lighten Up: Those old incandescent bulbs? Swap them out for energy-efficient LEDs. They emit less heat, and hey, every bit helps!

Bonus Tip: Shower Power
Cool showers are your friend. Not only are they refreshing, but they also help regulate your body temperature. No need to turn your bathroom into a steam room!

Plant Power: Trees and climbing vines around your home are a win-win. They provide shade, which keeps your home cooler, and they add beauty to your yard. Think of them as your own personal cooling system with a touch of curb appeal!

Feeling the Heat Even After All That?

Sometimes, even with the best hacks, the Colorado heat can be relentless. That's where we come in at The IV Den! We offer a variety of hydration IV options options that can help you feel cool, refreshed, and energized from the inside out.

Think of an IV like giving your body a big, refreshing drink directly into its bloodstream. It's a quick and effective way to replenish fluids and electrolytes, which can be especially helpful if you're feeling dehydrated from the heat, exercise, or even travel.

Curious if IV hydration is right for you? We're happy to answer any questions you have! Whether you're searching for "IV hydration near me", "benefits of IV therapy Denver", or just want to chat about how to stay cool this summer, our team of Certified Providers is here to help.

Let's beat this heatwave together!

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